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Anonymous asked:

Actually, I've heard that the cis preference thing is a misconception, and that people who identify as Bi say it's an attraction to their own gender and also other genders. Whether a person prefers bi or pan as a label appears to be more of a personal choice.


Bi literally means two. Two genders. Male & female.

People who still believe in the gender binary.



Parodying Niemoller’s famous poem 'First they came for …' this was Leunig’s cartoon reflecting on Israeli oppression and the skewed discourse on the Palestinian issue. Somewhat prophetically he came under attack soon after and was labelled ‘anit-Semitic’ by the ADC and was accused of ‘virulent hate speech’ . Leunig has a way of taking complex issues and presenting them in a simple and eloquent way that captures the intricacies of an issue. Some of his other works like his reflections on gay marriage, life and Anzac Day shows this remarkable ability to hit the core of our humanity and the insanity of our world with barely any words being written. 

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