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I hope you all know that double standards are created by the patriarchy like before you start blaming women for shit about how you’re expected to act because you “need to be manly”, we didn’t create a patriarchal society.

Men did. So get mad at them for you having to think that you have to pay for dates.

I love it when feminists squeal like cats in heat about double standards they don’t like as evidence of the Patriarchy… but shamelessly take advantage of double standards that favour them, but those double standards are “evidence of the Patriarchy” so really women are the real victims.

As for “acting manly” how about Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters?  Remember how they spearheaded the Order of the White Feather, to try and shame “unmanly” men into fighting and dying for them, Mrs P actually saying that going off to die for her was a man’s duty, and how she campaigned to have even younger boys be included in the draft (as well as men too young or poor to legally vote or own property.)  Notice that side of her and her movement (or that she generally only wanted the vote for rich white women like herself) isn’t on Google today. 

Oh and I notice your background is “not all men”.  Well since you want to play that card, in the year I’ve been running this blog, I’ve seen feminists:

Tell women who aren’t feminists that they deserve to get raped 

Gleefully celebrate the fact that baby boys routinely get circumcised in the US

Hurl racist abuse at black and asian women who don’t identify as feminists

Hurl homophobic abuse at gay men who don’t want to be feminist mouthpieces or some feminist’s political fashion accessory: in one example a feminist doxxed a gay man who said something they didn’t like, and splashed his photograph all over their blog, calling him a faggot and telling him to kill himself

Tell an autistic man that all autistic people are worthless drains incapable of being anything other then blowup doll humping freaks and leeches on society who should kill themselves since they are all parasites 

Tell male rape victims that they should kill themselves because men can’t be raped and they probably are rapists themselves and should treasure their rape 

Tell female rape victims that they are probably lying about being raped or call them rape apologists or rape enablers if they don’t buy into rape culture 

Erase Elliot Rodger’s racist hatred of latino, black and asian people (despite being half asian himself) as well as the three asian men and the one latin man he murdered, to focus on his two female victims and his blonde sluts rants, since Missing White Woman Syndrome is more convenient for their cause

Use the death of a young woman as a prop, despite her anguished friends and family telling them to stop, willfully ignoring them. 

Erase the achievements of women because it contradicts their poverty is a woman narrative.









Omg I’m playing the “not all feminist” card

Like how PoC play the race card

How do people even find my posts and decide that their opinions are worth my time?

Like you obviously have no idea what feminism is wow

Stupidity like yours floats, like a turd on the ocean sweetie.  It reaches the shore soon enough.

"omg i’m playing the not all feminists card"

"omg you clearly don’t know what feminism how dare you hold feminists accountable for their own actions all men are responsible for the actions of all men because of penis but not everyone in a political group they join of their own free will is"

"not all men"

Sorry sweetie, something about m and ms?  Whose a little hypocrite feminist womanchild? You is!  Yes you is!  Yes you is!  

I don’t know what feminism is about?  If you’re anything to go by, it’s all about being a hypocrite who pisses her knickers when she’s judged by the exact same standards she holds others to. 

I’m shying away from these sorts of posts, but I just had to reblog this because damn that was one hell of a take down.




Wow Google, thank you for the stunning support! The effort you put into representing this cause is fantastic! Like, wow, this doesn’t even compare to what you did for the DW 50th!


The Google Doodle usually depicts holidays, fun anniversaries, and exciting events.  More serious causes, like remembering 9/11, anti-abuse, and cancer awareness, are represented in a solemn manner with a ribbon at the bottom of the page.  The ribbon is a more respectful way for Google to show support than plastering it on every page in the form of a novelty “doodle,” especially when it may be triggering to some Google users.

(Source: queerbot22)




loitering is basically the illegal act of existing while not spending money

isn’t capitalism fun

Urgh, great job guys. I know everyone on this website like to hate capitalism, even though by definition what they actually hate is consumerism, but they are too lazy to actually do any research.

loitering isn’t even a capitalist construct, the connections between loitering and the law long predate capitalism.

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