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"Perhaps when I was young there was a time I might’ve

dreamed of romance and passion. Though I never knew what it was like to live outside my books and my library. There might have been a time when I dreamed of being swept away on a grand adventure and finding the waves as comfortable a new home as any or finding a cabin covered in snow my new home. But I grew up. And I learned what I was taught and I learned it well. My virtue, my name… my efforts were to be bartered off to whomever could raise our house in title and position. Perhaps it is a duty to the people with which we endure these acts but I can accomplish just as much tethered to a man as I could without those bindings and I could do so with far more freedom and independent thought. But marriage isn’t about us. Marriage is about what will bring our people the most peace and prosperity. I only pray that whoever I am bound to has a library at least as large as mine so that I might find myself lost in adventures I can never have and history I am not truly allowed to know.”


Anonymous asked:

Hello. Not sure if this has been covered. But how much time has passed since the second war of the lions, and the current events of the RP?


Oh dear, I’m sorry! I received this ask before (if this is the same person) and I must have forgotten to reply! 

As to the question: it has been 10 years since the Second War of the Lions ended, but those ten years were spent fighting minor rebellions featuring pretender kings (especially in the Eastermarch).

I will post the last bit of the history today and hopefully will finish all the math stuff so I can release the condensed timeline as well :)

Knowing me, I probably did ask you before, and you probably replied, and I just forgot :P

Thank you for that. And I am really excited for this to open now.

Just a quick question. Stannis Fairon is 30, so that means that it’s reasonable to say that he would have led soldiers in the second war of the lions at the age of 20?

Come and try us

Stannis Fairon. As hot blooded and quick tempered as his family is known for. But he places much value in honour, and will always leap to defend the honour of his friends and family. His soldiers sometimes refer to him as ‘the noble son of Fairon’.

Always looking for a great cause to fight for, he daringly led his men in the name of Evoric, he even believes in the duty house Fairon have now in protecting the Queensgrave crypts.


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New Jersey Professor Suspended for “Threatening” Photo of Game of Thrones T-Shirt | Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Well, this is one of the most bizarre and troubling things I’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately, they are apparently under the impression that Schmidt’s T-shirt is not an expression of his interest in the show, but of his intentions to shoot up the school. Inexplicably, Miller claimed that he believed the “fire” described in Daenerys’ quote “could be a kind of proxy for ‘AK-47s.’

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